Dental Hygiene Therapy Program (DHT)

Do you have trouble holding your toothbrush? Cleaning your partial or your dentures? Are you feeling like it’s more challenging to keep up with your oral care than it once was?

Our trained staff make weekly visits to brush and floss your teeth, apply fluoride paste, and clean full or partial dentures.

Teeth that are not flossed contribute to inflammation in the body that can affect the heart and other vital organs. Patients who receive regular assistance with brushing typically do not get flossed properly. Regular removal of bacteria from teeth and gums has a positive impact on speech, appearance, and nutrition.


• Plaque harbors bacteria resulting in inflammation. This causes the gums to bleed and bacteria to enter the bloodstream elevating the risk of heart attack and stroke.

• The decay rate in geriatric patients can be up to 300% higher than that of a child.

• Aspiration pneumonia is associated with poor dental health and specifically linked to the bacteria in dental plaque.

• Infections in the mouth cause a lower resistance to disease in the rest of the body.

• As we age our dexterity and ability to brush and floss deteriorates.

• An increasing number of seniors are keeping their natural teeth, and may need help maintaining good oral health.